March 17, 2023

Back on the Rails

The NHL lockout means different things for many prominent Canucks as the league loses an entire season. Todd Bertuzzi faces legal consequences for his actions against Steve Moore, and remains suspended indefinitely. The lockout finally ends, Bertuzzi is reinstated, and the Canucks are viewed as a Stanley Cup contender. But as the West Coast Express attempts to rekindle its magic, external and internal pressures create turbulent conditions to navigate through. 

Written & Narrated by Scott Rintoul

Audio production by Andrei Deacon

Podcast Supervision by Aaron Johnson

Special thanks to the following NHL personnel:
Hannah Readnour, Vice President, Footage & Media Licensing

Matthew Manacher, Footage Licensing Manager

Teresa Wiltshire,  Footage Licensing Coordinator

Nick Martinez, Coordinator, Footage Licensing Operations


NHL game audio courtesy the National Hockey League

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