March 24, 2023

End of the Line

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Facing a crossroads for his club, GM Dave Nonis overhauls the coaching staff and a part of the Canucks' core as he redefines his team's identity. Alain Vigneault replaces Marc Crawford behind the bench, Todd Bertuzzi is traded to Florida for goalie Roberto Luongo, and Ed Jovanovski leaves in free agency. Markus Naslund and Brendan Morrison attempt to adapt to new roles and a new style of play, while Bertuzzi tries to forge a new path south of the border. The three members of the West Coast Express go on to finish their respective careers on separate teams before reflecting on their time together in Vancouver.

Written & Narrated by Scott Rintoul

Audio production by Andrei Deacon

Podcast Supervision by Aaron Johnson

Special thanks to the following NHL personnel:
Hannah Readnour, Vice President, Footage & Media Licensing

Matthew Manacher, Footage Licensing Manager

Teresa Wiltshire,  Footage Licensing Coordinator

Nick Martinez, Coordinator, Footage Licensing Operations


NHL game audio courtesy the National Hockey League

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