Feb. 10, 2023

New Sheriff in Town

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Brian Burke is hired as general manager of the Canucks, which immediately puts head coach Mike Keenan on notice and the roster on high alert. Superstar Pavel Bure refuses to play after demanding a trade, saddling Burke with his first big decision. Early injuries to key players hamper Vancouver’s chances at a bounce back season, and tensions rise between Burke and Keenan. Markus Naslund turns an opportunity for more playing time into a breakout season that sees him become an NHL All Star. Bure is finally traded and Burke replaces Keenan behind the bench with Marc Crawford, who begins to assess which players he plans to build around. The Canucks finish at the bottom of the Western Conference for a second straight season, but Burke leverages his assets to pull off one of the biggest draft day splashes in NHL history.

Written & Narrated by Scott Rintoul

Audio production by Andrei Deacon

Podcast Supervision by Aaron Johnson

Special thanks to the following NHL personnel:
Hannah Readnour, Vice President, Footage & Media Licensing

Matthew Manacher, Footage Licensing Manager

Teresa Wiltshire,  Footage Licensing Coordinator

Nick Martinez, Coordinator, Footage Licensing Operations


NHL game audio courtesy the National Hockey League

Thank you to CKNW and Sportsnet for assistance in compiling game audio

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